Portrait of the chorus
Upcoming Public Performances:
Thursday April 23, 2015
The Rafael Manriquez Annual Memorial Festival
La Peña Cultural Center
3105 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley CA 94705


8:00 pm; doors open at 7:30

We are so happy to be a part of this tribute to the enormous talent of our dear friend and former director, Rafael Manriquez. We miss his incredible voice, his prodigious guitar mastery, and the gorgeous music he shared with all of us. Rafael was a tireless cultural worker, composer, and renowned interpreter of Latin American music.

This concert is the beginning of an ongoing campaign to archive, record, and distribute his vast body of work, and ensure the continued production of The Rafael Manríquez Annual Memorial Festival

Rafael’s daughter, Marcia, and son, Manuel, will be joined on stage by other members of the Manríquez family as well as many well-known Bay Area performers.

* Edgardo Cambon * Jackeline Rago * Lichi Fuentes * Fernando Torres * Ellen Moore * Danielle, Morgan & Camila Valdivieso *Ricardo Valdivieso * Mauricio Bertin * Mark Baum * Hugo Weinzinger * Mochi Parra * Axel Herrera * Avotcja & Modúpue * Roque Barón * Brandon Vance * Esteban Bello * Denis Schmit * Bob Karty * Carlos Barón * Alisa Peres * Héctor Zapana * Madeleine Zayas * Bonifacio Silas * Jennifer Manríquez Cornish

Tickets $18 in advance, $23 at the door. For tickets, go to:


Friday April 24, 2015
Misa Criolla de Chabuca Granda
Mission Dolores Basilica
3321 16th St., San Francisco CA 94114

Come hear the Chorus sing Peruvian maestra Chabuca Granda's beautiful Misa Criolla de Bodas (Creole Wedding Mass) along with celebrated Bay Area Peruvian soloists and instrumentalists:

Marina Lavalle
Rosa Los Santos

Directed by: Daniel Zamalloa
Produced by: Gabriela Shiroma

at the Mission Dolores Basilica in San Francisco

12:00 noon

Saturday, July 25th, 2014


The Peruvian singer and songwriter Isabel Granda y Larco (1920-1983), known as Chabuca Granda, was an icon of popular music in her country. Her compositions, with their refined poetry, raised the "vals criollo" to a level where it transcended national boundaries. The rhythmic and melodic freedom of Granda's songs had always seemed to push the boundaries of older song forms, and later in her career her music took a turn toward Afro-Peruvian rhythms.

For centuries the Catholic Mass was said entirely in Latin. In 1965, the Second Vatican Council allowed congregations to use their native language in public worship. Chabuca Granda wrote the"Misa Criolla de Bodas" at the request of her daughter Teresa. It was first performed at Teresa's wedding, on January 16, 1969. The songs are set to musical genres from the coastal region of Perú, such as zaña, zamacueca, marinera limeña, festejo, danza limeña, vals criollo, triste and tondero. The Misa was originally performed by Chabuca and her accompanists on guitar and cajón.

The current version of the Misa, for soloists and chorus, was arranged by Julio Caipo in 2001.